Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Victorian Cyclocross Championships 2013

And we were off to a bmx track in Frankston, and it wasn’t for bmx racing!
The crew from Brunswick and Dirty Deeds in association with Cycling Victoria had chosen the location to hold the 2013 Victorian Cyclocross Championships.
Being from the country all reports of Frankston certainly don’t lead any foreigners looking forward to going to the destination. But truth be told, the venue was fantastic. Once again Dirty Deeds had worked their CX magic and created a fun, exhilarating course that was to decide the 2013 Vic CX Champion.
Feeling a bit rusty before the event due to a bit of a break from CXing I knew that I was going to be racing below top form and all I hoped was that everyone else had also had some time off following CX nationals.

But as soon as I had ridden a lap of the course my morales changed drastically! The use of the BMX track was unbelievable and I was having so much fun that I had a new friend to help me during the race – Adrenaline!!! 

With no U23 category I was moved into the high class Elite field that included 2013 Australian Cyclocross Champion Allan Iacuone, Team mate Lewis Rattray (International CX Superstar), Russell Collett, Paul Redenbach and John Groves among others.
The Race!
A race of many leaders is a race for the spectators – and that is what we had.
With a fast start I found myself off the front with Mikkeli Godfree, It seemed Mikkeli started deep and started to fade after a couple of laps.  The lead changed multiple times but I was able to follow wheels and sat in 2nd place for about the first 15mins before dropping to third. With powerful surges coming from Allan and Russell I begun to find myself drifting just off the back still sitting in 3rd place. Then with the nature of CX Allan and Russell pulled into the pit zone for some servicing and all of a sudden I found myself in the lead! Russell then re-joined the front followed by the arrival of the chasing Rattray and Redenbach. The group was momentarily together before splitting apart.

I had fallen into the casket and was really starting to struggle. With John Groves and Alan chasing hard behind I began to think that I wasn’t going to be able to pull a top 5 result. With the strong want to hold on I was able to, from somewhere find some fire power and in that absolutely buried myself to try and bring back a podium position whilst also hold off Allan whom was chasing hard representing his Green and Gold bands.

The last 15 minutes was a screaming pain frenzy, a battle of the course terrain, the wind, the dust, legs and lungs that just wanted you stop and topped off with a mind that just wanted to see that finish line…

4th Place, it isn’t a podium but it is top 5 and in a field as strong as the one I was in I am happy with the outcome. I was happy with my skills and I learnt a lot during the race in which I can now take home and implement into training to hopefully further enhance my performance next time.

Top 5 Results-
1st – Paul Redenbach
2nd – Russell Collett
3rd – Lewis Rattray
4th – Alex Meyland
5th – Allan Iacuone

Thanks to all of my supporters and those that made the day possible!
Giant Bicycles Australia, Gu Energy Oz, Schwalbe Tyres Australia

Also a HUGE Thank you to all that visit my blog! Over the last month my blog has had over 5,900 views!!!!

Shipwreck coast classic is my next event and is this coming weekend. The event is my first National Road Series race for the season and once again I will be joining the great Essendon Skoda road cycling team.

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